Electronic Prepress

We utilize the Macintosh platform, taking advantage of all the  popular page layout, image-editing,
and object-oriented illustration applications. We continue to update our array of powerful Macintosh  
workstations to keep your projects moving through in a timely manner.

Although the majority of electronic files we receive are from  the Macintosh platform, we can accept
most popular PC files.  Due to the way some of the programs work on the PC, some processes may
take longer to complete. Therefore we recommend discussing the nature of the project up front for
layouts not in Quark, InDesign, Illustrator,Freehand, or Photoshop.

We recommend and receive PDF files on a regular basis. There are a number of considerations
when preparing a high res pdf for print. We still proof pdf files back to our customers after we run
them through our system because we do find things that are overlooked on a regular basis.
Mac Printing Company, Inc.